Update: Q1 2018

Q1 2018 has seen a good deal of activity from North Yorkshire Composer Tim Hunter. Firstly, a triple digital album has been released of songs taken from the 'Journeys: Captain James Cook' project. Thses albums are available on Bandcamp

These albums include a new song, 'Let Peace Prevail In New Zealand'.

A re-organisation of Tim's Bandcamp sites has also taken place, with two additional sites created.

Northern Soundscapes now focuses soley on music inspired by the world famous connections of Tim's home county of North Yorkshire, England. 

Light Engineering now features Tim's synth-pop oriented 'Light Engineering' material. This site also features 'Lifecycle', a compilation album of pop material taken from the trilogy of 'Pathway Of Light' 'The Aura' and 'Ascension' albums. 

Silver Hunter now features Tim's Prog Rock collaboration  with Thierry Sportouche as well as a compliation of prog material, 'Progyes', taken from the trilogy of 'Pathway Of Light' 'The Aura' and 'Ascension' albums. 

Work is also continuing on the concept album inspired by the North Yorkshire's links with Lewis Carroll. 'Jabberwocky' has been the first Bandcamp release from this project.